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Hello everyone and welcome to wplight.com, where we are dedicated in providing you with the latest news, tips and tricks, and essential info to help you get started with WordPress. The site is not only aimed at newbies, but also intermediate level progammers and coders. We provide info and discussion on WordPress, its themes, plugins [Read more…]

What is WordPress?

Licensed under GPL and built primarily on PHP and MySQL WordPress has become a strong content management system since its birth in 2001. It has refined itself into a more stable blogging platform than any other out there. Installation: The best thing about it is that even computer newbies can easily use it and build [Read more…]

Featured Themes

StudioPress Themes (Genesis Framework)

Theme frameworks are designed to help the developers quickly churn out updates and create various themes without losing the main functionality. StudioPress is a well-known company known for its famous Genesis Framework on which all of its themes are built. The themes are search-engine optimized and provide security along with regular updates to both theme [Read more…]

Featured Plugins

Statpress Visitors (Version 1.5.3)

Statpress Visitors provides visitor statistics for your website based on Wordpress. This plugin after its installation makes a separate tab in the Dashboard left side, below the “Settings” tab. As you move your mouse over, it opens up a whole list of options to view. Let’s play with the first option. Click StatPressV. You will see a Blue graph being displayed on the right with lots of readings. As you see in the pic, on the top are the different tabs that were also accessible from the mouse over position on the StatPress tab. If you look below them, you will see Visitors. … [Read More...]


Burning Feed and User Email Subscriptions

RSS (Rich Site Summary, previously known as Really Simple Syndication) is a way for net savy users to stay in touch with the news and what’s going on their favorite websites in a quick way. Unlike Business sites, blogs and news sites always keep getting updates and we cannot go to 50 sites and read [Read more…]

How to Search and Install WordPress Themes

WordPress has Twenty Twelve installed by default. You can change it by going in the Appearance tab on the left in Dashboard. As you move your mouse over to the Appearance tab, a new menu will pop up, displaying a variety of options, including the first option “Themes”. Click on Themes, and then it will [Read more…]