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List of 5 best WordPress Responsive themes

List of 5 best WordPress Responsive themes

Are you looking for the 5 best WordPress Responsive themes? Well, besides its robust quantity of incredible plugins, this CMS also has some extremely high quality and attractive responsive themes. However, WordPress has designed a lot of such templates to make your site exceptionally attractive.
Here is the latest list of best 5 WordPress responsive themes. Check them out:

5 best WordPress Responsive themes 2016:

1. ColorMag:

This is a magazine style WordPress responsive theme that is perfect for sites of magazine, newspaper, business, publishing, news or any other kind. ColorMag makes your site very colourful by adding separate colour for different categories.

ColorMag has different spots for listing your own ads and different buttons for social media. Most part of the homepage has been built with widgets reducing time to place a gallery or add a new post. ColorMag is convenient for both beginners and professionals.


2. Himalayas:

The Himalayas WordPress responsive theme is a rock-solid parallax responsive template that expands user friendliness. Your visitors can now find all the required information on one single page instead of moving to other different pages. Himalayas theme is ideal for

  • Corporate
  • Portfolio
  • Agency
  • Freelancers
  • Photography

But you can also use for any other site as well. Some of its exclusive features include –

  1. a. Primary Color Options
  2. b. Multiple Color Options
  3. c. Excellent slider
  4. d. Translation ready feature
  5. e. Advanced typography with 600+ fonts
  6. f. Sticky header menu with both enable/disable feature

Presently, more than 4000 sites are being empowered by this Himalayas WordPress responsive theme.


3. Eighties:

Don’t go by the name, Eighties is actually an extremely modern day style that is progressively enhanced. It’s only the content in the front and center that a user sees. Its speciality is that, until you want to see the menu and sidebar, these would stay out of the way.

Again, header area in this template is quite big to consume a large space taking up most of the screen area. Eighties also gives the option of overlaying texts to inform visitors about your site or anything you want them to know.


4. MorningTime Lite:

This responsive theme of WordPress is exclusive for personal blogging with its extremely unique look; equipped with wonderful features. It is an ideal template for displaying daily articles; however, it can also adapt to any niche only to improve the site. Some of the features include –

  • Multilingual feature ready
  • Has a page speed grade of A96%
  • Offers unlimited colour schemes
  • Offers unlimited widget areas
  • Amazing child theme is included
  • Based on Foundation 5
  • Technologies like SASS and Grunt are used.

MorningTime Lite also provides different formats to post your content and attract more visitors.

MorningTime Lite

5. Spacious:

If you are looking for a playful layout of WordPress responsive design, Spacious is one for you. The template gets its name as it has plenty of space for adding more content. It proves to be ideal for blogs, portfolios and even business sites. Spacious is actually a multi-purpose style. The speciality is, it has –

  • 4 page layouts
  • 2 page templates
  • 4 types of blog display
  • 5 custom widgets (that focuses on business template)
  • 13 widget areas
  • Wide and Boxed layout


So, which is your favourite from this list of 5 best WordPress responsive themes?

StudioPress Themes (Genesis Framework)

StudioPress Themes (Genesis Framework)

Theme frameworks are designed to help the developers quickly churn out updates and create various themes without losing the main functionality.
StudioPress is a well-known company known for its famous Genesis Framework on which all of its themes are built. The themes are search-engine optimized and provide security along with regular updates to both theme and framework. Mark Jaquith who is a security expert and core WordPress developer has also made sure that Genesis Framework gets unbeatable security.

Studiopress offers over 40+ themes, which means a good variety available to check from. The theme used here on our site is “News” child theme based on the Genesis Framework. It is called child theme because it needs the Genesis framework to be installed first to run on. The themes of Studiopress can be so different that you cannot tell from first sight whether they are WordPress or HTML. Like for example in the pictures below:

Casinos Europe ( with the Genesis – News theme:

casinos in europe

EU Internet Marketing ( with the Genesis – Freelance theme:

theme 01

Different themes can be customized by going to the genesis tab on the left side. You can toggle the automatic updates and change the color style of theme.

Theme Colors:

Many themes come with different colors to go with. The “News” theme comes up with upto 7 interchangeable colors. You can see the difference in the pics below.
Blue Color:
colors 1

Pink Color:
colors 2

Layout Style:

Not only the colors but you can change the layout to show in up to 6 different styles.
Content-Sidebar, Sidebar-Content, Content-Sidebar 1-Sidebar 2, and others as shown in pic below (the first one is the Content-Sidebar layout):

default layout 3

Navigation settings (Menu):

You can choose whether to include primary or secondary menu or to eliminate both as per your liking. There is a fancy dropdowns option that looks pretty cool when you have sub-menu’s within menus. If you are thinking of using a custom menu as for example in header right side, you can disable the primary and secondary menu and enable custom menu from widgets.

navigation menu 4

Content and Blog:

You can select how the posts show up in archives, whether you want to show their content or excerpts and whether the featured image be included or not. You can even set the post characters limit so that each post excerpt is of a specific number of characters. The blog page can be chosen to show specific categories, or exclude specific categories and show all others and limit the number of posts to show on each page.

Header and Footer Scripts:

Scripts can be inserted in header and footer without going through the code thanks to the framework. For example we can insert the Google Analytics script in the Header section in Framework.

header and footer script 5

Other Features:

The themes are ad ready, offering font changes, and SEO options out of the box along with featured posts which can completely change the look and feel of your site. Genesis offers custom widgets which offer flexibility and ease of use for new users. Custom widgets like Genesis – Tweets displays your latest tweets, while Genesis – User Profile shows the author profile. It offers breadcrumbs which are helpful not only for crawler bots but also users. The themes are mobile responsive and offer a lot of features. Even if you find some features missing as Contact Form or Slider, you can install them from Plugins easily. In fact Genesis Slider is a whole separate plugin which offers good compatibility with the Genesis Child themes.

License and Support:

You can get all the themes and Genesis Framework for around 250$ which in my opinion is a super saving. If you buy the framework and themes, they offer 100% GPL for everything that has been used, whether it’s CSS, PHP, design, XHTML or other element. So that means you can also develop your own themes based on the Genesis Framework easily. If you are having trouble with any of the StudioPress themes, you can join their community support forums where users like us can help you get through your problem and find a solution. If you are experiencing any problems with Genesis you can contact us by clicking here.


In my opinion Genesis Framework and themes are the best that money can buy. Featuring regular updates and improved security and functionality, I am unable to leave this and try any other. You can go to to view their themes collection.