How to Search and Install WordPress Plugins

How to Search and Install WordPress Plugins

As soon as you get bored with the normal functionality of the website and want to step further in the features and functions area, you go ahead and install the WordPress Plugins. There are over 22,000 plugins out there waiting for you. To search or install a plugin, you have to go to Plugins Tab that appears on the left in the Dashboard below the Appearance Tab.
Plugin Tab

Click on the Plugins Tab, and on the right you will see a new open tab, which will show you the currently installed plugins. Below each name will be a button to either activate or deactivate them. On the right side will be their description and creator name. Also there will be an option to visit the publisher’s site. You can see these in the picture below:

Plugin Tab options

As you can see in the picture, all the plugins here are activated. You can click on the “Add New” button in the upper left to add new plugins. You can also perform a search within the currently installed plugins (if you have installed too many). To delete a plugin you have to first deactivate it, and then the delete option will be available in the same place where we see the “Deactivate” and “Edit” buttons. You can also edit the plugin files if you are good at coding stuff.

As you click on the “Add New” button you will be presented with new screen (similar to themes install screen)

install plugins
You can search plugin according to your needs. If you need plugin for search engine optimization, you can search by keyword “SEO” and you will find lots of plugins. You can also try out by clicking the popular tags which appear below the search field. Click on Facebook and it will open a list of Facebook plugins.

You can also upload plugins as you did themes by just clicking on the upload button, searching for your files and uploading them. You can view featured and popular plugins too. As a starting example go ahead and try out a plugin by typing in the search field, “statpress visitors”. Install it by clicking on “Install Now” button. This plugin helps you in viewing visitor and spider statistics. It is great if you want to analyze which keywords are bringing traffic to your site and where you need focus on. It also tells you which browser was the user using and whether the visitor subscribed to feed or not.

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