Statpress Visitors (Version 1.5.3)

Statpress Visitors (Version 1.5.3)

Statpress Visitors provides visitor statistics for your website based on WordPress. This plugin after its installation makes a separate tab in the Dashboard left side, below the “Settings” tab. As you move your mouse over, it opens up a whole list of options to view.
statpress options 1

Let’s play with the first option. Click StatPressV. You will see a Blue graph being displayed on the right with lots of readings.

Statpress graph 2

As you see in the pic, on the top are the different tabs that were also accessible from the mouse over position on the StatPress tab. If you look below them, you will see Visitors. Then the total number of visitors is shown. On the right side, visitors of Today and Yesterday are shown. Not only visitors but Statpress provides statistics for Visitor RSS Feed Subscribes, pageviews, and spiders that have crawled through the site. Below these is the Average calculated for visitors, rss, pageviews and spiders.

You can now click on latest Hits. Each tab you click will be empty at first until you select the number of rows to show from the dropdown menu. After that you will see the date of visit, time, IP of the visitor, which page he/she viewed from which operating system and which browser. This information is quite useful if you want to know whether your site is accessed more through tablets or PCs and from which country it is more frequently visited.

You can click on the Latest Search Terms to know which keywords got you the visitors so you can concentrate on key areas more and get your potential clients ultimately generating sales if you are running a business/ecommerce site.

latest Search terms 3

In the 6th column are the search terms and in the last is the search engine from which they were referred. To clear the confusion: the site in the example is about funny pictures.

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