Theme installation stepped in the WordPress world with release of its version 1.5 and has come a long way since then. WordPress themes are a great way to change the look and feel of your website and sometimes also add some functionality without messing with the content. By default WordPress comes with Twenty Twelve theme pre-installed.

casinoseurope twenty twelve look

It is a responsive theme (works great on mobile devices and tablets). It also has font option and provides styling support for posts. But we would not like it if all the sites get the same look, would we? So there is always a need for some change as life is all about changes and innovations. Furthermore the WordPress platform provides us the code editor with which we can add more functions to the normal themes and get exactly what we want.

There are two types of themes out there.
1. Free (You can search these from within your blog)
2. Premium

First we talk about the free themes. As a beginner it is always good to go with a free theme as that lowers your investment and risk in your online blog/business. You can search these from within your WordPress installation. Read our Tutorial on searching and installing themes here.

So we look at how we can search great themes. There are many websites that offer these themes for free. One must think, Hey, Where’s the catch? Well sites like “newwpthemes” always include some links in theme footer which are impossible to remove. Even if you know about coding, you will see that it is encrypted for these themes and as soon as you mess with these they get locked and your site goes down. You can however then remove them from FTP.

Then there are Premium themes, which you can buy from sites like “templatemonster” where different developers submit their themes and some dedicated developer sites like “Studiopress” and “elegantthemes” which only show themes created by their developers. The Premium themes usually are SEO friendly and offer more customization and control once you buy them after demo. Some even come with money-back guarantee so there is nothing to worry about. Some themes are so pretty and different that you cannot tell by looking at it whether it is WordPress theme or HTML. An example like this: theme

In the Premium themes there is new phenomenon known as Framework which are usually used by Studiopress Genesis, Woo Themes etc. Frameworks were produced to help developers easily create themes on them. These are like building base for themes, in which you don’t have to write the whole code again just to create a new theme. You can easily create on the basis of framework which already provides lots of customization and functions. These are not recommended for beginners because these usually require two installations. First Installation is of framework and then of the Child theme. The picture above uses a child theme (Apparition) provided by Genesis. The art of using framework helps developers to push out updates at a much quicker pace. This also helps in decreasing security exploits and such organizations which are engaged in making frameworks provide quick online support and it is easy to figure out problems. You can even create your own themes with such frameworks, by just playing with theme functions PHP file and stylesheet CSS file.


If you are starting as a beginner, you should go with a free theme first and after 6 months of experience you can take the leap to premium themes. If you are running an organization then it is better to go with a strong theme, probably which uses a framework.

Here are some of the Themes and Framework Options to choose from:

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